The scheme which was introduced by the CM Chandra Shekar Rao of Telangana state in the year 2018, the backbone reason was to cast away the corruption, to have transparency details about Acres.

The above picture shows the Home page and the relevant details like step by step procedure. Initially search the web site of Dharani.telangana.gov.in then you will showcase with the Home page which includes About, Downloads, Login, Sign up, Contact details.


  • All the documents and data on the Dharani web site are very highly clear and transparent
  • The buyer and seller can easily access to the Dhanani portal
  •  All the required documents will be available at one place on the web site
  • Land details will update as soon as the changes made
  • The information will be secured entirely because they have tied up with the best cybersecurity experts.

The following was the representation of the Dharani web site:

If any applicant wants to register necessary to sign up with the web site by giving the correct information.

To continue we provided with different features for different tasks.

  1. Services
  2. GIS
  3. Land Records
  4. Application status
  5. Meeseva
  6. Know your SRO
  7. Resister Document Research